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Treatment Fees

Office Visits

New Patient Virtual Exam (15 min): No Charge

New Patient In-Person Exam: $375

(Please note that due to the complex nature of some health concerns, diagnoses and treatment plans may require multiple visits to fully address each concern)

Established Patient In-Person Office Visit

     Limited          $200

     Extended     $350


Established Patient Virtual/Telephone Visit: (due at time of scheduling)

     Limited         $200

    Extended   $350

Injection Therapy

Please note: A customized treatment plan will always be presented prior to starting therapy. These fees are intended to be used as a guideline for individual sessions. Effective therapy often involves multiple sessions.

Trigger Point Injection - Anesthetic (if more than 1 area $200 + $50 per additional site)

     Forehead: $200

     Temporalis/Masseter/Trapezius/Neck (per side): $200

Trigger Point Injection - Botox/Xeomin ($200 + Botox/Xeomin fee per site + $50 per additional site)

     Forehead: Botox ($240)/Xeomin ($195)

     Temporalis (both sides required): Botox ($220)/Xeomin ($160)

     Masseter (both sides required): Botox ($600)/Xeomin ($480)

     Trapezius (per side): Botox ($200)/Xeomin ($160)

     Neck Muscles (per side):

          Splenius Capitis (per side): Botox ($60)/Xeomin ($50)

          SCM (per side): Botox ($80)/Xeomin ($65)

TMJ Injection - Corticosteroid/Sodium Hyaluronate (per side/joint): $300

Anesthetic Nerve Block: $200 per nerve branch/side, $50 each additional branch/side

SPG Nerve Block for Migraine/Cluster Headache/Pain (TX360 device): $300

(Please note that SPG block therapy requires 6-12 sessions)


Appliance Therapy

Occlusal Appliance for TMJ disorders: TBD (depends on type of appliance)

Sleep Appliance*: $4000

* requires a prescription from a sleep physician

Neurosensory Stent: $200 - $2000 (depends on size of coverage area)

gammaCore   nVNS Device: 3 month therapy $450

(unit is leased, deposit may be required - 12 and 36 month options also available)

** Fees are subject to change

*** Please refer to our Office Policies for payment information

Image by Luba Ertel
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