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Your First Visit

What To Expect At Your First Visit

At your first visit, Dr. Wang will spend approximately an hour and a half with you to evaluate your symptoms and your concerns.

How is this done?

  • History Taking: Many patients have multiple symptoms (for example, jaw pain, headaches, sleep issues) to address. Dr. Wang will review, in detail, everything related to your specific symptom(s).

  • Examination: The exam will typically consist of a cranial nerve screening, dental screening, evaluation of your jaw range of motion, jaw joint (TMJ) and the major muscles of the head/neck/jaw.

  • Discussion & Review of Findings: Dr. Wang will then discuss her findings with you and will let you know if further diagnostic work (such as scans, consultations with other specialists, blood work) will be required.

Will You Need A Follow Up Visit?

It is difficult to estimate the number of visits necessary prior to an initial evaluation since our patients have a wide variety of symptoms that often need to be evaluated. After your initial evaluation, Dr. Wang will have a better understanding of your individual needs and be able to better address the question of follow-up visits.

Your Personal Therapy Plan


Once a diagnosis can be properly made, a custom therapy plan will be created to address  your specific needs and will be reviewed in detail prior to the start of therapy.

Due to the complex nature of the chronic pain issues that many of our patients experience, your personal therapy plan may need to be re-evaluated and modified as symptoms improve or change. You will always be consulted and approvals will always be requested prior to any major modifications.

Fees are always explained ahead of time to minimize surprises. There is never any pressure to commit to any proposed therapy plan.

Image by Eric Rothermel
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