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Initial Consultation

The Initial Evaluation Process

At your first visit, Dr. Wang will spend time with you to evaluate your symptoms and to review your concerns. The goal of the initial consultation is to gather all the information required to make an accurate diagnosis for you.


History Taking

Dr. Wang will review, in detail, everything related to your specific symptom(s). She will focus on your chief complaint - the symptom that concerns you the most. Additional concerns may need to be addressed separately.



The exam will typically consist of a dental screening, cranial nerve screening, evaluation of the major muscles of the head/neck/jaw, jaw joint (TMJ) and jaw range of motion. Additional testing may be needed based upon symptoms.


Discussion &
Review of Findings

Dr. Wang will review and discuss her findings with you. She encourages patients to ask questions along the way. If any additional imaging, consultations with other specialists and/or blood work are necessary, you will be referred appropriately.


Custom Therapy Plan

Once a diagnosis can be properly made, a custom therapy plan will be created to address your specific needs and reviewed in detail prior to the start of therapy. Dr. Wang follows a conservative approach to minimize the need for irreversible, invasive therapies.

Image by Eric Rothermel
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