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Treatment Philosophy

My Treatment Philosophy

I believe in following an evidence-based integrative, functional and holistic approach from diagnosis through treatment. What does that mean?


  • Evidence-based: treatment options that are backed by published research

  • Integrative: a combination of the best of both conventional Western medicine and complementary philosophies

  • Functional: a patient-centered personalized approach to identify the root cause of disease in order to provide treatment options

  • Holistic: treating a person as an interconnected whole entity (body, mind, emotions), rather than an individual symptom

It is my hope that I can help patients get properly diagnosed, to avoid unnecessary treatment and to provide therapy options to help patients regain control over their lives.


Treatment Options With Fewer Side-Effects

Though medications can play an important role in pain management, my personal interest lies in offering alternative pain management options with fewer side-effects.


Image by Bermix Studio
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