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Referring Offices

What is My Role in Your Patient's Health Care?

As the newest recognized specialty in dentistry, you may not be familiar with Orofacial Pain. The specialty encompasses four major categories of disorders in the head and neck regions:





For fellow general dentists, many TMD and sleep apnea cases can be effectively treated within the scope of the general dentistry practice. My role is to help diagnose and treat the cases that extend out of the scope of your general dentistry practice.


For fellow specialists, in patients with symptoms of unknown origin (ie toothache or burning sensations with no obvious etiology) or residual post operative symptoms (ie numbness, pain), my role is to help with diagnosis and treatment.

I look forward to collaborating with you.

Nerve disorders: neuralgias/neuropathies

Primary headache disorders: migraine, tension-type, cervicogenic, Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalgias (cluster, paroxymal hemicrania, SUNCT/SUNA, hemicrania continua)

TMJ disorders: myofascial, joint

Sleep-related breathing disorders: obstructive sleep apnea

Referral Form

Please feel free to print up the referral form for your patients. You can direct patients to visit our website where they can schedule an initial visit online.

Image by Natalya Letunova