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Image by JJ Ying

Interdisciplinary Care

Interdisciplinary care is a fancy way to describe a patient-centered, teamwork approach to overall body and mind care. Healthcare providers from different disciplines work together to help support patient care. It is an ideal way to approach patient care, particularly for patients seeking care for chronic pain management. Unfortunately, it is difficult to successfully accomplish this type of care in our current overburdened healthcare system.

How do I implement this healthcare model in my practice?

  • Team Assembly: I help to create a team of appropriate healthcare providers to support your healing journey (the size of the team will vary depending upon your needs), and 

  • Communication: I help to coordinate your overall care with your team of healthcare providers so that you can focus on healing, instead of feeling lost and confused.

Think of me as the quarterback for your healthcare team.

Interdisciplinary Team.jpg
Image by JJ Ying
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